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Born out of London’s thriving comedy scene, this is truly the dopest concept comedy show you’ll ever be a part of;  a church service themed comedy show for all you saints and sinners.


At Sunday Service, we are entering our second season, (Hallelujahhhhhh!) and we have so much in store for our congregation members. Make sure you stay active on our social media to receive our stream of updates and weekly guest performers.


Sunday Service was born from years of serving the people from the pulpit of the comedy stage.  I have travelled across the globe and seen the joy and peace that people leave shows with.  I am more than confident when I say, come and you will be blessed with great comedy and social engagement.  Join in our debate topics, enjoy the stand-up and be nourished by our weekly communion of pizza and Ribena shots.

Be blessed.

Ola, Head Pastor

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